Nicoleta Marangou – Co-Founder

Nicoleta is an experienced actress, director, writer, cinematographer and photographer who has recently graduated with a Tertiary Diploma in Interactive Media majoring in Film and Video and has trained extensively in the Meisner technique.

Her acting credits include short films Persistence and Side Effects. She has directed Alana Valentine’s well-known play Parramatta Girls at the Casula Powerhouse Museum and was the 2nd Assistant Director of a Greek comedic play I Have a Goal, Your Honour.

Her film credits include directing multiple music videos, professional multi-cam live-streamed concert events and sponsorship videos. Today, she is currently writing multiple scripts both shorts and features. Her upcoming short films, Truth and Exorcists both expect to be released in late 2022.

Fun Facts: She LOVES to sing anything from Judy Garland to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers and her favourite movie of all time is Calamity Jane. She also loves building and making things and has built a few sheds in her lifetime. She is also pretty awesome at mathematics and created her own Pythagoras Theorem in high school! When she was introduced to Dr Beat by Gloria Estefan she asked ‘is that the person who makes the headphones?’

Thalia SkopellosCo-Founder

Thalia is a professional video producer for a major media outlet in Australia. She has recently graduated with a Tertiary Diploma in Interactive Media majoring in Film and Video and has worked on a number film productions including music videos, short films, sponsorship videos, live events and more.

She is also a professional singer-songwriter-producer having graduated with a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition and Music Production. Her commercial releases have received major Spotify playlist placements and received airplay on radio stations around Australia including Triple J Unearthed, 4ZZZ, FBi, Triple R, Radio Adelaide, RTR FM and more.

Fun Facts: She learned some of her best dance moves from watching Janet and Michael Jackson and her favourite movie growing up was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. She watched it on repeat with her cousin until the video tape broke. Her first album she bought was Gloria Estefan Cuts Both Ways and she loves to sing anything from Tracy Chapman to Sarah McLachlan. She can name the artist and song of almost any 90’s song with her best record being 1 sec of hearing the song.